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San Fernando Valley Kendo Dojo

We practice at the San Fernando Valley Japanese Cultural Center at 8850 Lankershim Blvd., in Sun Valley, California.

To find us, take I-5 and exit onto Lankershim, then go north for approximately one quarter mile. We are on the east side of the street behind the Far East Market. You can contact us at info@sfvkendo.com.

Guests are welcome to come and watch a practice session at any time if you are interested in kendo, or in joining our dojo.


How to Join
We take new students quarterly. To join, show up to the first practice of January, April, July, or October. The next group of beginners will start on Monday, January 6th at 7:15 PM. Please e-mail us ahead of time so that we can let you know what you need to be prepared. New students begin practice separate from the regular class for some dedicated instruction, and then join the regular class after learning the basics. We also suggest that you come watch a practice prior to joining to see how class is run to make sure kendo, and SFV, is right for you.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Students are required to pay dues biannually or annually and are due at the first practice of the month in your payment schedule (e.g. January, July, etc.). Students will not be allowed to train if they are behind in their dues.

Adult $110 $200
Minor $90 $160
Family Discount: Each additional immediate family member deducts $10 from all family member's dues.

The dojo is part of the Valley Japanese Community Center, and the dues go directly to our rent for this facility, and to maintain these low fees, all members of the dojo must also join the community center.

Per Family $40

We are part of the Southern California Kendo Federation, who are under the All U.S. Kendo Federation, who are then part of the International Kendo Federation. These organizations govern every aspect of kendo, from ranking to tournaments, and so you will need to join the SCKF and AUSKF.

Adult $26
Minor $14
AUSKF - $10 initiation fee for new members
Adult $60
Adult - Full-Time Student $30
Minor $30

The above information is available as a PDF for your convenience.


Practice Schedule
We practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30, with a quick warm-up starting around 7:15. It is best to arrive at the dojo a little early so that you will have time to change clothes and be ready. After practice we usually relax and have refreshments, and some students take the opportunity to practice kata. We welcome all kendoka to join us for practice.



Our instructors are: Seung Kim-sensei, 5 dan; Guy Urata-sensei, 4 dan; and Head Instructor Michael Zavaleta-sensei, 4 dan.



Maki Miyahara Sensei, Hachidan Hanshi

Miyahara Sensei

In 2012, at 91 years old, Miyahara-sensei retired from actively practicing and teaching kendo. Until that time he was our senior instructor and his teaching lives on today through our long term-members. In 1971, he was inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, and is on record as winning tournaments as early as 1934 at the age of 12. He was a student of his father Hiroji Miyahara (8 dan), who was among the first to bring kendo to the United States, as well as Mori Torao (Hanshi, 8 dan), an accomplished kendo Sensei and European fencer who coached the 1964 United States Olympic team.


How to Join
Practice Schedule

45 Years and Counting
The SFV Kendo Dojo was founded in 1967 by Maki Miyahara Sensei.

Dojo Patch
Support the dojo and show your spirit with an SFV Kendo Dojo patch. Only $5.

30th Anniversary Hachimaki

30th Anniversary Hachimaki
The dojo turned 30 in '97 and there are still some commemorative hachimaki left. Pick up this piece of history for only $7,